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for "Take5" on CIUT 89.5 FM

Lynn appears regularly as songwriter-in-residence for Take5. Since her first appearance on the show in October 2006, she has written more than 70 original songs especially for the program.

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    • May28th, '09: Lynn joined hosts David Peterson and Diana Wilson to talk about Twitter , the social networking vehicle that North Korean leader Kim Jong-il is now using, according to reports this week. Lynn played her brand new song inspired by the subject, "Twitter in My Heart" .

    • May8th, '09: A conversation in tribute to The Renaissance Cafe which is closing this weekend, and a live performance of Lynn's song "Stage".

    • April 17th, '09: David Peterson and Lynn talked about legacies and remembered June Callwood, who died in April 07. Lynn played her song "A Little More Like June".

    • March 27th, '09: David Peterson spoke with Lynn about audience size. Does it matter? Also, Lynn sang her song in honour of Earth Hour (taking place on March 28th) "The World Will Turn".

    • March 20th, '09: Lynn and Dave discussed author Elizabeth Gilbert's fresh take on creativity and Lynn marked this first day of spring with this song .

    • February 20th, '09: "My Neighbour's Coming Over" was written to commemorate Barack Obama's trip to Canada, his first visit to a foreign nation as president. Lynn talked about the event with Take5 host David Peterson.

    • January 20th, '09: To mark the inauguration of U.S. President Barack Obama, Lynn sang the song she wrote back on Election Day: "I Feel Hopeful Today" and spoke to Take5 host David Peterson about the day's historic events.

    • October 17th, '08: To mark the re-election of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Lynn wrote the sweetly ironic "Right Back Where We Started".

    • September 19th, '08: Lynn returned to Take5, inspired by Barrie Zwicker's provocative inquiry into the official 9/11 story. "When the Truth Came Down" was this week's new song. Take5's new host David Peterson conducted this interview with Lynn about songwriting and political issues.

    • August 22nd, '08: Lynn marked the official wrap-up of the Song of the Week project with "The Signal": a song about listening deeply to more than the radio.

    • August 15th, '08: The new "all-purpose Take5 song" "Everything's Fine (Until it's Not)" made reference to three news stories from the past week.

    • August 8th, '08: A new song this week: "Armchair Olympian" .

    • August 1st, '08: Sending out good wishes for the long holiday weekend, with this reprise of "When I'm on the Water" , originally written for Project C.A.N.O.E. last November.

    • July 25th, '08: We updated the progress of the Phoenix Mars lander, recalled this year's April Fool's joke by Virgin and Google and reprised "Take Me to Mars" in this live version.

    • July 18th, '08: This week, Lynn joined in a discussion with Charlie Coffey, who updated us on the progress of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. We re-played the song "Every Human" .

    • July 11th, '08: American war resister Corey Glass had intended to help victims of tornadoes and other natural disasters when he signed up for the National Guard. Instead, he was sent to Iraq. As he awaited potential deportation after seeking residency in Canada, Lynn played her song "Wind of Change" , recently released on her new CD "Simplicity".

    • July 4th, '08: This week, Toronto Mayor David Miller expressed his intention to run for a third term as Mayor in 2010, so we re-played a live version of the tribute song "David Miller" .

    • June 27th, '08: A look at paper recycling practices at the U. of T. and other angles on growth and sustainability inspired this week's song: "Paper Thin" .

    • June 20th, '08: We reprised "The Things We Throw Away" after Christina Bennett talks to Toronto residents about the new blue bins.

    • June 13th, '08: Stories on a tattoo convention and the historic apology to Canada's Aboriginal peoples inspired "Whose Tattoo?".

    • June 6th, '08: This week, two stories were combined: the ongoing controversy over the Toronto Island Airport, and the repair and closure of the Jameson Avenue pedestrian bridge, cutting off Parkdale residents from the lakefront. "An Island, An Airport/How Will We Get to the Water?".

    • May 30th, '08: Dan Gardner's book Risk: The Science and Politics of Fear was the inspiration for "Don't Be Scared".

    • May 23rd, '08: An historic hotel in Leslieville is now being transformed into transitional housing. That was good reason to write the song "The New Edwin Hotel".

    • May 16th, '08: Richard Florida's new book Who's Your City? sparked this enjoyable conversation and song in the Take5 studio. Here's another version of"Just the Kind of City I Am" recorded later, plus Richard Florida's enthusiastic blog about it!

    • May 9th, '08: Concerns over Bill C-51 and its potential to restrict access to natural health products prompted this week's song "Only Natural".

    • May 2nd, '08: This week, NOW Magazine's Alice Klein discussed her article "The Intelligent Universe" , based on the work of Richard Tarnas. That inspired the song "The Universe is Smarter Than You".

    • April 25th, '08: "You Rhyme With Me" is a song from Lynn's new CD "Simplicity" which she releases in concert tonight and tomorrow night. Andy Frank and Rachel Hahn host at The Papermill Theatre.

    • April 18th, '08: We reprised two songs this week: "Virginia" on the anniversary of the campus shootings at Virginia Tech, and "A Little More Like June" honouring June Callwood a year after her death.

    • April 11th, '08: At the end of a week of fundraising for CIUT 89.5 fm, Lynn's new song "Give and Take" highlighted both the opportunity and the challenge of generosity.

    • April 4th, '08: On yet another other-worldly theme, "Take Me to Mars" responds to the co-venture of Virgin and Google on April Fool's Day, calling for applicants for a pioneering space mission. Check out the song on Lynn's YouTube application.

    • March 28th, '08: "The World Will Turn" was written in honour of Earth Hour which took place the following night at 8 p.m.

    • March 21st, '08: In honour of the Spring Equinox and full moon, we reprised Vessie Flamingo "Outshining the Moon" after a challenging Good Friday Quiz.

    • March 14th, '08: "Online Study Group" lends musical support to Chris Avenir, the Ryerson student threatened with expulsion over his Facebook study group.

    • Feb. 29th and March 7th, '08: Lynn is taking a sabbatical for two weeks, and will return with a brand new song on Friday, March 14th.

    • Feb. 22nd, '08: "Little India" is the fourth song in Lynn's song cycle on Toronto neighbourhoods.

    • Feb. 15th, '08: "Cabbagetown" was inspired by Alex Nursel's report that highlighted some of the social problems in that beautiful and historic community.

    • Feb. 8th, '08: We visited the first song Lynn wrote for Take5, "Scarborough", to mark the beginning of the "Taking it to the Streets" regular feature.

    • Feb. 1st, '08: "Bowling With My Big Sister" was written in support of Big Brothers Big Sisters (and Take5's guest, Gwyneth) as they embark on their annual Bowl for Kids' Sake fundraiser.

    • Jan. 25th '08: It's my 50th new original song for Take5! A tribute to one of my favourite Toronto neighbourhoods, "Little Italy".

    • Jan. 18th '08: Dave Peterson's interview with the ranting CBC personality inspired a song from my long-lost Texas cousin. Here's "Hey, Rick Mercer!".

    • Jan. 11th '08: "Space Elevator"commented on the proposed development of a new permanent mechanism to lift stuff into space.

    • Jan. 4th '08: Singing in the New Year with a "New Day Planner".

    • Dec. 28th: The holiday season seemed an appropriate time to honour Robert Dziekanski and his family (victims of the tragic taser incident at Vancouver airport earlier this year), with a new, studio-recorded version of "Safe Arrival" that includes a Polish translation by Stan Skrzeszewski.

    • Dec. 21st: In honour of the second annual Global Orgasm Day, a new performance of the song written last year in honour of the event: "What is the World Coming To?".

    • Dec. 14th: Singer-songwriter Ellen Carol and her dog Sammy Sugar inspired the bluesy "I Need a Dog".

    • Dec. 7th: After another serious week on Take5, it was time for a song in the festive spirit of the Mulroney/Schreiber saga: "Slip Me an Envelope This Christmas".

    • Nov 30th: "Safe Arrival" responded to the tragic death of Robert Dzeikanski.

    • Nov 23rd: We recycled the Take5 song "The Things We Throw Away" (written in October '06), with a new live performance in honour of the new film Garbage: The Revolution Starts at Home.

    • Nov 16th: I wrote "When I'm on the Water" after hearing Peter Stock's story about Project C.A.N.O.E., an organization that helps at-risk youth by taking them on canoe trips in northern Ontario.

    • Nov 9th: In "The Take5 Tribute Song" I included the names of the entire Take5 cast. Except that I accidentally left out Alex Nursel, Brian Als and Judy Jung, so I wrote this coda. Aiieeee...

    • Nov 2nd: "Impolite" was inspired by a recent Reader's Digest survey that ranked Toronto the 9th most courteous city in Canada, earning only a 60% passing grade.

    • Oct. 26th: A tribute to Toronto Mayor David Miller after the approval of new land transfer and vehicle registration taxes.

    • Oct. 19th: "The Yoga Song" !

    • Oct 12th: "Election Sign" marked the Ontario election and "Effigy" honoured author Alissa York and her Giller-nominated novel.

    • Oct. 5th: The peaceful protests of monks in Burma for democracy led to the song "Red Robes" and a conversation with News Director Dave Peterson and host Kate Adach.

    • Sept. 28th: "Embrace Me" pays tribute to Juan Mann's "Free Hugs" movement (and the recent event on St. George) with a nod to virtual realities.

      Launch of Season II in the Stone Cellar studio, Sept. 13th.
      Lynn is joined by David Woodhead on bass and Barry (Bazza) Hayward on congas for "Slow Me Down", "The Thistles", "O-R-E-G-A-N-O" and "Bicycle Bell".

    • August 17th: "Every Human" was inspired by Charlie Coffey who spoke eloquently on Take5 about the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

    • July 6th: "When the Record Man is Gone" marked the passing of Sam the Record Man.

    • June 15th: A song for Father's Day based on a very special listener request. "A Father's Song"

    • June 1st: "Bicycle Bell" for Bike to Work Week.

    • May 25th: "Who Left the Now Magazine in the Bathroom?" .

    • May 18th: "Make It Count" was inspired by the Citizens' Assembly for Electoral Reform which is proposing a new "One Ballot, Two Votes" system for more proportional representation in Ontario's elections.

    • May 11th: In honour of Take5's new "Experts" series, the song "Everyone's An Expert" .

    • May 4th: "Slow Me Down" came about after a Take5 story on mandatory speed limiters for 18-wheeler trucks.

    • April 27th: "A Little More Like June": a tribute to June Callwood.

    • April 20th: "Virginia" was inspired by Take5 coverage of this week's shootings at Virginia Tech. Here is our conversation that adds additional context to the song.

    • April 13th: "Planet in a Plastic Bag"
      Last week, Take5 ran a story on the possibility that plastic bags might be banned in Toronto. That item, along with recent Take5 coverage of "The Secret"and "An Inconvenient Truth" led to this reflection on consumerism and the environment.

    • March 30th: "The Usual Delays"
      Inspired by Take5 "Traffic on the 5's" from the Intelligent Traffic Systems lab at U. of T.

    • March 23rd: "Don't Burst My Bubble!"
      This week, Take5 covered the controversy over new fees charged to students for the new dome at the former Varsity Stadium.

    • March 16th: "Something Sounds Familiar"
      Inspired by interview with Chris Hedges, author of the book American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America.

    • March 9th: "For Her"
      A song for International Women's Week. Activist Sally Armstrong and filmmaker Giselle Portenier on the program.

    • March 2nd: "My Guy Friday"
      Inspired by Toronto author Russell Smith's fashion advice for men, "casual Fridays" at work, and Smith's idol Cary Grant (of the movie classic "His Gal Friday").

    • Feb. 23rd: "Mighty"
      In honour of PEN Canada's event: "Inventory: Writers Tracking Conflict and War". Plus a bonus song this week! "Let's Have a Pillowfight on Yonge Street"
      inspired by New Mind Space and their zany events in public space.

    • Feb. 16th: "I Want to Take Your Picture"
      Inspired by U. of T. law student Cory Wanless who is working in support of Zambian farmers who hold no title to their land. Images from his trip are featured in U. of T. photography exhibit.

    • Feb. 9th: "We Come From the Same Place"
      Pre-existing but previously unrecorded song that pays tribute to Neil Young (featured in a Take5 story this week) and the destination of a Take5 co-host who just got a job in Winnipeg.

    • Feb. 2: "O-R-E-G-A-N-O"
      Everyday herb is said to have healing power!

    • Jan. 26th: "Pigeons and Doves"
      Upon hearing the song, "Pigeon Condo" co-creator Luis Jacob wrote: "Your lyrics very much share in the spirit of Pigeon Condo and in the idea of exploring the potential fora different society."

    • Jan. 19th: "The Thistles"
      In tribute to the Kenora Thistles' 100th anniversary of winning the Stanley Cup. The song was played on CBC Ontario-wide, made front-page headlines in Kenora and is now included in the Kenora Museum's permanent Thistles exhibit!

    • Jan. 13th: "Sleep So You Can Dream"
      Inspired by story on Canadians needing more sleep, plus the Maple Blues Awards

    • Jan. 5th: "Meltdown"
      Christmas holidays meets global warming.

    • Dec. 29th: A week off!

    • Dec. 22nd: "Holiday Train"
      Honouring the CPR's annual Holiday Train food drive.

    • Dec. 15th: "I'm Going to Work Forever"
      End of mandatory retirement in Ontario.

    • Dec. 8th: "Luminous Veil", a pre-existing song performed live by request.

    • Dec. 1st: "What is the World Coming To?"
      Inspired by Global Orgasm Day for world peace. The founders wrote to Take5 to say they love the song.

    • Nov. 24th: "Student of the Heart"
      New U. of T. Chancellor David Peterson calls teachers to teach with passion.

    • Nov. 17th: "Election Sign"
      The week following Toronto municipal elections

    • Nov. 20th: "Pledge Drive"
      Inspired by CIUT-FM's fundraising campaign

    • Nov. 3rd: "Outshining the Moon"
      Inspired by the book Vessie Flamingo: Outshining the Moon.
      Author Jerelyn Craden commissioned a studio-recorded version of song to assist in marketing her book.

    • Oct. 27th: "From the Beginning of Time"
      Based on a comment made by Penny Lang in an interview

    • Oct. 20th: "If Politicians Were Beer"
      Quirky campaign by Trafalgar Ales and Meads. The micro-brewery invited Lynn to sing the song on election night.

    • Oct. 13th: "The Things We Throw Away"
      Garbage collection in Toronto.

    • Oct. 6th: "Scarborough"
      Based on Councillor Norm Kelly's campaign to improve the city's image.

      "Lynn possesses the rare lyrical giftof communicating hard facts through deeply personal stories, songsthat touch listeners in a way the news rarely does. The fact she canproduce these delightful songs week after week - sometimes withinforty-eight hours - is equally remarkable." --Take5 Senior Producer Andy Frank
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