Lynn Harrison's Songs

About Lynn's Song

Lynn Harrison's songs are known for their clarity, melodic sophistication, and their effective use of observational detail and metaphor. Although frequently called a "folk" artist, like many guitar-playing songwriters of her generation, Lynn's songs defy categorization and have been said to have a "timeless" quality.

She has released three full-length CDs of original songs (Lynoleum, Learning Curve and Broadview, in 2001, 2003 and 2005). Each song from each album has been played on at least one radio program!

Once a scriptwriter and songwriter for Canadian Sesame Street, Lynn has recently been commissioned to write songs for organizations including Toronto Hospice and The Credit Valley Hospital. She is currently the songwriter-in-residence for a public radio current events program (CIUT-FM's "Take5" in Toronto), writing and performing a new song each week inspired by a program topic.

Lynn is an experienced songwriting workshop leader, most recently for the SASS (School Alliance of Student Songwriters) program in Ontario public schools.

Several of Lynn's songs have been honoured in contests including the John Lennon Songwriting Contest, Unisong and Songs Inspired by Literature.

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