Crossing My Mind from "Broadview"
When I Walk, I Run from "Learning Curve"
Bicycle Bell from "Simplicity"
Complicated Things from "Lynoleum"
Pillow from "Simplicity"


“I knew instantly Lynn was a special artist… “ ~ John Apice, Americana Highways

“Lynn’s vocal tonality, phrasing, is up there with the best ballad singers of the past.” ~ John Apice, Americana Highways

“Harrison's sixth album is shot full of humanity and morality.” ~ Bob Mersereau

“She falls in that folk-pop world that suits thoughtful writers so well.” ~ Bob Mersereau

“A true songbird whose deft lyrical and musical sensibility shines on…” ~ Gary 17, Toronto Moon Magazine

“Pop-Roots songwriter Lynn Harrison is truly a Canadian treasure. ~ Gary 17, Toronto Moon Magazine

"...this soulful, passionate and witty tunesmith crafts tunes on a diverse range of topics.” ~ Gary 17, Toronto Moon Magazine

“She employs musical ‘scapes and voices varying from earnest to whimsical, covering subjects including nature’s beauty and majesty, quirks of human relationships, political proselytizing and even spirited sheer silliness on occasion. ~ Gary 17, Toronto Moon Magazine

"The singer-songwriter interprets our experience and enhances the texture and flavour of life. [...] Lynn Harrison's work reflects a musical sensibility that makes it imperative to participate in creating her music. The empathy and intelligence of her lyrics engage on multiple levels simultaneously. I highly recommend her new album, Something More. Here is a true artist as poet, musical composer, instrumentalist, singer, guitarist and performer. Her integrity and spiritual insight are emotionally moving." - Singer-Songwriter Allan Fraser

"One of the Toronto music scenes enduring treasures and a passionate soul committed to finding a higher path" - Gary Orbit, Toronto Moon

“Lynn is the kind of folk singer I try to model myself after; that is to say, she sings of our happinesses and our sufferings with moral purpose, simplicity and courage. Perhaps her essential quality is her aim to attest to the truth of these dark times while at the same time refusing the easy lure of mean cleverness, trend, or worse--hopeless cynicism.” - Singer-Songwriter Jon Brooks

"Like all poetry the simple words plumb real depths of the human condition"
Mark Anderson, "Faithful Folk" NY

"Lynn's music gets to the essence of what life is all about"
Charles Adler, Global Television

"...a performer unafraid to reach into the darker parts of her heart for buried treasure." Gregg Quill, Toronto Star

"...a brightly ringing soundbyte in an uncertain world"
Ron Cunningham, New York

Editorial Songwriting:

All of the songs from Lynn's two-year project as songwriter-in-residence for "Take5" on CIUT 89.1 FM (current events program) can be found here.